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Audience Participation #2

It’s time to dream big. Finish these sentences: If I had forty billion dollars I would… If I could elect anyone to the Presidency of the United States it would be… If I were President of the United States I would… If I could invent anything—and it worked—it would be… If I could change one […]

BloglinesReader v0.1

Ever search the web for a tool that performs a specific function only to find all manner of things that just fall short? As you’re most likely aware I’m in the middle of “moving in” and am customizing WordPress as a result. Like anyone else, sovaldi I wanted to put up a blogroll but found […]

How do you keep up? RSS et al.

Lets face it, what is ed the blogosphere—buzzword alert!—is massive. With an estimated 12 million blogs and counting, health care how is anyone expected to keep up with any of it? Granted, no one will ever be interested in nearly as many blogs, but say you wanted to keep tabs on twenty or so (My […]

Renaissance much?

Update: Until I get a separate page set up for this, viagra buy I’ll be updating this post. The best way to keep track is if you’ve subscribed to the posts feed. The sheer number of launches of late is dizzying! Every day I see new services coming online. Could this be a sign of […]

Moving in: Cleaning house

As you may have noticed, drug the site looks a little different. My focus was primarily the layout and structure of the pages rather than the design—though one could argue that they go hand in hand, I am nonetheless taking a phased approach. The main thing that I wanted to accomplish was to do away […]

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