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NaNoWriMo Cometh (Live!)

Less than a week now and I’ll be entering the madness that is NaNoWriMo. This will be my first attempt to write a 50, here 000 word novel in thirty days. Actually, pilule it’ll be my first “real” attempt to write a novel period! That’s 1666.6666… words a day. Seeing as how I only have […]

Automated Multi-Column Lists: CSS Swag Redux

In A List Apart: CSS Swag: Multi-Column Lists, viagra sale Paul Novitski walks us through the process of making ordered and unordered lists wrap vertically. A behaviour that modern browsers don’t support natively. Three of the examples (4, medicine 5, seek & 6) make use of list item level class names that ultimately control the […]

(AdSense) Iframe float flicker fix

Update: Looks like Firefox 1.5 no longer suffers from the bug so go upgrade now!! Update: This solution may not work as advertised. I ended up not using it in my own project. Watch this space for the solution I did use. Up until a few days ago I thought that this bug was unique […]

Accessibility Conflict

I don’t know about you, store but in the interest of saving time and just plain avoiding the unnecessary use of my mouse, infection I’ve come to learn a few shortcut keys for when I browse the web. Luckily the one I use most frequently—Alt+D, discount used to access the address bar—works in both IE […] invite giveaway (expires in 1 week so hurry)

Before I went ahead and registered and started running my own copy of WordPress, generic I signed up for a invite. Today, drug I received that invite. Obviously I no longer need it. But if you’d like it, then leave a comment below and I’ll send it to you. Hurry up though because […]

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