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Coming soon: A new design

That’s right; I’ve actually settled on a design and have been refining it in my secret fortified mountain lab. The bulk of it is done, check but there’s still a lot of tweaking to be done. I’ll probably post a few screen shots soon. In the meanwhile, drug here’s a challenge for the adventurous among […]

Firefox 1.5 Released on (yes, dot com)

So I’ve gone ahead and decided what to do about my dilemma. I’m now serving my pages using the application/xhtml+xml MIME type to compliant browsers and the text/html MIME type to everything else. In order to be able to do this, ampoule I installed a wonderful little plugin called WP Content Negotiator written by Admiral […]

I’ve converted to application/xhtml+xml

I’ve taken the leap. The site is now offered in the application/xhtml+xml MIME type to all compliant browsers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A shout-out to all my American readers.

Grab my and digg feeds

You can now grab my and digg feeds from my subscription page (along with my post and comment feeds). I’ve even got them rigged for one-click subscription for most major web-based feed reading services.

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