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US legal system = joke

Microsoft, eBay, Research In Motion, victims of the US legal system’s allowance of ridiculous patent infringement cases.

“Click Here”—the inadvertent Google bomb

How many times have you created a hyperlink with “Click Here” as its anchor text?

PHOTO: Slide Show of Laptops with “Transparent” Screens.

Really cool optical illusions (via Digg)

Yahoo! buys

Yahoo! has just acquired (via Techcrunch).

Gmail: Move to trash becomes Delete!

Gmail silently renamed “Move to trash” to “Delete” in the “More Actions …” dropdown earlier this week. Is this a concession to the demands for a Delete button? Maybe it’s a first step. Most probably not, anemia since a real first step would have more likely been a “Move to trash” button. This does not […]

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