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Removing Dotted Links

They say you learn something new each day. I just learned how to remove dotted links in CSS thanks to Nathan Smith.

Tapestry™, Holographic Video Storage

It’s funny, recipe I was thinking about this just this morning. It seems like InPhase Technologies has built a Holographic Video Storage system (link via Brainfuel). I first saw this tech on 3-2-1 Contact over 10 years ago. At the time the media they were writing on what looked like a small crystal. It looks […]

Canada votes against

We have a strange tradition here in Canada. We vote against candidates, not for them.

5 Embarrassing Grammatical Mistakes

Improve your writing by reading Martha Brockenbrough’s article: 5 Embarrassing Grammatical Mistakes.

Spam filters hate my name

More than once now I’ve had trouble posting comments on blogs. What usually happens is a spam filter catches my comment and tells me that it needs to be moderated and/or that I’m blacklisted. I was rather perturbed the first time I saw that I was blacklisted from a site I had never posted on! […]

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