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WaSP gets a makeover

Andy Clarke (Malarkey) just redesigned the WaSP site and I’ve gotta say, medical that’s one bad mother–shut your mouth! The new site has a bold, high contrast colour pallette and makes excellent use of space and typography. It runs on WordPress (yay for comments!–finally!!) and I don’t have to mention that the site is XHTML […]

SXSWi, wish I were there, part 2

Man, pill this is starting to remind me of the good ol’ days of the demo scene. All these people in the community meeting each other (at SXSW) and hanging out. Meanwhile I’m up here in Canada watching the snow melt. I just finished reading about Matthew Oliphant‘s exciting (harrowing?) evening with friends Garrett Dimon, […]

WordPress 2.0.2

Zeldman switched, purchase I upgraded. I’m now running on WordPress 2.0.2, viagra buy thanks to DreamHost‘s one click upgrade. I did upgrade previously by hand when WordPress 2 first came out (on my dev environment) and, tablets well, that was a few months ago. You can understand that it wasn’t necessarily the quickest thing to […]

SXSWi, wish I were there

SXSWi is underway as I write this and I feel incredibly left out. I wish I had signed up and gone but alas, stuff it’s too late. Perhaps the podcasts and blog coverage will be enough, see even if all they do is further fuel my feelings of isolation. For all of you who are […]

Why We Fight

Am I the only one who, malady up until I saw Eisenhower’s farewell address, didn’t know that he was in fact warning against the military industrial complex? Why We Fight – A Film By Eugene Jarecki looks like it’s going to be a very informative film–and I’m not even an American.

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