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And now for a little progressive enhancement

I reworked my feeds page to incorporate some relatively advanced CSS features that are only supported by modern browsers such as Firefox. Likewise the post contains some advanced CSS functionality itself.

Hacking the Technorati Badge or: How I Hacked Document.Write() in Order to Make it Work With application/xhtml+xml

Technorati, like Google’s AdSense uses JavaScript to insert content into your site via the document.write() method. Unfortunately document.write() isn’t supported in the XML DOM (which is what this site uses when viewed in Firefox when served with the application/xhtml+xml MIME Type). Well, I hacked the document.write() method to circumvent the problem.

An Inconvenient Truth

I was just going through my blogroll and came upon Jason Kottke’s post entitled An Inconvenient Truth. It’s about a movie coming out about former Vice President Al Gore’s push to raise awareness about global warming. The facts–that I’m sure most of us are not aware of–are scary to say the least. If you aren’t […]

Typecast 1.4 (release)

After much blood, approved sweat and quite a few tears–okay, discount maybe not so much but at times it certainly felt that way–Typecast 1.4 (release) is out! The big feature with this release is the realtime masking. A lot of work went into replicating a normal input field’s funcitonality within the confines of a mask. […]

Open letter to spammers–nobody likes you

To whom it may concern, Nobody likes you. You’re a blight on the Internet and calling you a nuisance would be to elevate you from the depths in which you live. Neither you nor your wares are wanted so stop trying to peddle them by sending me unsolicited emails or posting garbage comments on blogs. […]

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