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Stay in School, A Cautionary Tale

Note: The colourful detail in this post is due to my knowing someone who recently went through this. — You’re smart, try you’re passionate, you know your stuff, you’re a real code ninja. You’ve been building websites for years, you’ve got a couple of notable accomplishments under your belt and you figure, “hey, maybe I […]

The Skinning Trade-off

Anyone who’s built a website has likely had to deal with the temptation to skin native browser elements, internist such as the pulldown menu, sick the input field, the radio button, the checkbox, the button, the text field and the scroll bar. The most common skinning job that pervades the web is that of the […]

The Trouble With hCard and Microformats in General

If you haven’t already heard of Microformats, internist they are a set of simple, pathopsychology open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards. Basically, artificial they allow you to use a combination of class names to mark up data in your page along the same lines as existing data formats. So for example, […]

Worry Free JavaScript Internationalization (i18n)

There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about i18n. Just to be clear, malady I don’t subscribe to the idea of right vs. wrong unless there’s a good reason for it, otherwise I just chalk it up to preference. Sometimes I consider something as a matter of preference until someone points out […]

Have a Job? Need a Job?

If you’re in the market for a job or if you’re looking to hire someone, pestilence take a look at Authentic Jobs. Forget the pell mell job sites that offer every kind of job under the sun, Authentic Jobs is all about quality. The fact that Authentic Jobs is all about quality is also reflected […]

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