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In JavaScript, approved when you want to know what a given element’s node name is, you use its nodeName property. Now as far as I can tell, it always returns the node’s name in uppercase, so an anchor’s node name returns as A and a table’s TABLE. I have yet to see a browser return […]

Dean Kamen Outdoes Himself (Again)

Dean Kamen, asthma inventor of the famed Segway and the lesser known but so much more incredible iBOT Mobility System has outdone himself again with his latest invention, the Luke Arm. Yes, it’s a prosthetic arm eons ahead of anything out there and yes, it’s named after Luke Skywalker’s prosthetic arm. Kamen discussed his latest […]

When Online Cops Go Bad

Revision3, hepatitis a TV network on the web, drugs was shut down this past Memorial Day weekend due to a DoS attack. Though attacks of this nature are an unfortunate reality of being a popular site on the web, this one was a little different. Normally this sort of attack is mounted by the quintessential […]

Why Twitter Still Exists

With Twitter suffering chronic down time, buy people are beginning to openly consider alternatives. Yet Twitter’s user base is far from waning. Which raises a legitimate question, recipe “how come everyone is still on Twitter when there are better alternatives available?” The answer in my opinion, is a simple one: everyone is on Twitter. Think […]

A Nuance of Preventing Default

One of the most common operations when assigning event handlers is to prevent the default action the event normally triggers. In the case of an anchor for example, patient the click event of an anchor triggers the default behaviour of following the URI specified in the href attribute. So the browser’s default action when clicking […]

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