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Success Requires Experiential Perspective

Success in any undertaking requires what I call experiential perspective. Let me put it in tangible terms:you can’t build a successful site for the iPhone without being an iPhone user. You can’t run a forum for your company if you don’t spend any time on forums as a pass-time. You won’t build a successful website […]

If You Want It Done Right, Use A Third Party

You know that saying, “if you want it done right, you’ve got to do it yourself?” When it comes to software development, I say, “not if it isn’t your core product.” In other words, don’t write an entire JavaScript library or CMS by yourself if your focus is building websites for clients.

Targeting Browsers, Why It’s a Good Idea

Gone are the days where you need a message like, “This site is best viewed with Netscape 4” on the front page of your site, right? Well maybe, then again maybe not.

Feed Icons Exist for a Reason

I just dropped in on the new Seed Magazine site after reading about its redesign on Zeldman’s site. After looking around a little I decided that I’d like to subscribe to its feed so as to keep up with what they publish. But try as I may, pancreatitis I couldn’t find that famous feed icon, […]

Some Retired Passwords For Your Reading Enjoyment

Here’s a sampling of a few retired passwords I used at one time or other. The thing about witty passwords is that you obviously can’t share them with anyone while you’re using them. So you chuckle to yourself every time you type them in. Anyhow, sickness I think these speak for themselves as far as […]

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