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Facebook Could Make A Killing With Professional Services

What do Twitter and Facebook have in common? No, prostate it isn’t how Facebook has been trying to copy Twitter. The answer might surprise you. To date there are two prevailing business models on the web: paid subscriptions and advertising. The former has all but been a flop, except for in the adult entertainment industry. […]

Automated: “The Day The Twitter Died”

I recently covered proper URI design after which I was rightly chastised for not following my own advice. Now I’d like to cover their correct implementation via hyperlinks. Knowing how to correctly create hyperlinks is very important for several reasons, page not the least of which being that hyperlinks are the most basic and foundational […]

Automated: “Internet Explorer 6”

So, capsule I’ve decided to try my hand at web comics. Since I don’t have the patience to draw it, men’s health I decided to go with Bitstrips. It’s a site that lets you build characters and lay out the whole strip. So without further ado, here’s my first strip in a series called “Automated.” […]

The Joy Of WordPress Plugins

For the longest time I tinkered with my WordPress theme to get it just right, ampoule including the functionality. That was great for a while, more about until I wanted to update my site’s look. Suddenly I was faced with this huge problem. I’d customized my WordPress theme so much that simply throwing together a […]

The Dangers Of Setting A Precedent

I’ll let Keith say it for me:

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