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Who Wrote That Song? How To Identify Music You’ve Heard.

“I heard this awesome song on the radio but I don’t know who sings it.” Sound familiar? Maybe you heard the song in a commercial, or at a party, or somewhere else. Well, here’s how to identify it. With Lyrics If the song had lyrics, you’re already off to a good start. Take for example […]

The Next LittleBIG Thing

As anyone who has had to reinstall their system several times in the span of a couple of months knows, stomatology like I’ve recently had to do, rx reconfiguring their apps every time gets to be a real pain. A subtle update that was made to Microsoft’s Live Messenger a few versions ago which I’ve really […]

Innovation Is An Investment

Innovation is an investment, read and just like any investment it entails a measure of risk. How much risk is up to you, rx but the greater the risk, the greater the potential reward. Take the iPhone for example. When the SDK was first released, some sprang at the opportunity to code for the new […]

Don’t Settle For Mediocrity or: How They Crammed 3½ Minutes Of Video Into A 4kB File

A friend of mine just pointed me to the Breakpoint 2009 4K intro winner by RGBA and TBC called Elevated. I’ve got to be honest, price I haven’t been as impressed with a demoscene production since Farbrausch‘s Debris (which was 177K). And of course by “K” I mean kilobytes. As in smaller in file size than the images making […]

New Site Design

If you read this blog in a feed reader, neurosurgeon then you won’t notice the change, but I’ve completely redesigned my site. There were two motivating factors behind the redesign. One, I was tired of the green look, and two, I really wanted to simplify the markup. The result is what you see. Suffice it […]

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