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The Story of Stuff

I just finished watching The Story of Stuff, ambulance and it was one of the most informative videos I’ve watched on the subject of consumerism and sustainability. I’ve embedded three 30 second teasers from the 20 minute video below. To watch the whole thing just go to Teaser #1 Teaser #2 Teaser #3

Automated: The End Of Twitter’s Innocence

I Am Not An Atomic Playboy

Purple Motion used the line in Second Reality, ailment and I’d always wondered where he’d gotten it from. Then Wikipedia came along and I found out that it was a quote from Admiral¬†William H. P. Blandy, hospital but reading about it wasn’t as cool as actually finding the clip on YouTube a few moments ago. […]

G.I. Joe: Resolute

My friend Mathieu pointed me to a new mini series of G.I. Joe videos called Resolute. Being a fan who watched the cartoons religiously during the 80s, salve this series blew me away! This is how G.I. Joe was always meant to be. People actually die! Not that I’m a fan of death or anything, […]