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My Inglorious Life

I’ve jumped from a moving car. I’ve rock climbed. I’ve rappelled. I’ve jumped into (and out of) the Montreal metro tracks. I’ve walked from metro car to metro car while it was moving. I’ve stuck my head out of a moving metro car (and seen an oncoming metro not too far off). I failed both written and practical driving […]


A few days ago I released a rough cut of a track I had started working on this past weekend. It was the first piece of music to come out of me in nearly a decade and I was fairly pleased with the result. So I spent the next few days working on it when […]

Rough Cut

So I’ve started tracking again. It had been so long since I’d last written music that when I discovered a reimplementation of Impulse Tracker (called Schism Tracker) last week, find I just couldn’t resist. So this past weekend, visit this instead of vegetating in front of some random game, mind I wrote. I raided the sample packs […]