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YUICONF 2009, Day 1

What a week! As a new yahoo I attended orientation on Monday and Tuesday, recipe and now I’m enjoying the first annual YUICONF. Late last night Christian Heilmann asked if I could contribute my impressions of the conference’s first day which was just posted to the YDN blog. Happy reading! What I didn’t mention in […]

Graph representations of YUI Easing Methods

First, viagra for those who didn’t get the news already, I’m now working at Yahoo! as a Front-end Engineer on the Yahoo! Mail team. As a result, I’m presently down in Sunnyvale, California for a week of orientation and training. In a quirk of perfect timing, my visit coincides with the first ever YUICONF, the […]

Finally, Some Non-Partisan Clarity On The U.S. Health Care Reform Issue [Video]