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YUICONF 2009, Day 1

What a week! As a new yahoo I attended orientation on Monday and Tuesday, and now I’m enjoying the first annual YUICONF. Late last night Christian Heilmann asked if I could contribute my impressions of the conference’s first day which was just posted to the YDN blog. Happy reading! What I didn’t mention in the […]

Graph representations of YUI Easing Methods

First, for those who didn’t get the news already, I’m now working at Yahoo! as a Front-end Engineer on the Yahoo! Mail team. As a result, I’m presently down in Sunnyvale, California for a week of orientation and training. In a quirk of perfect timing, my visit coincides with the first ever YUICONF, the first […]

Finally, Some Non-Partisan Clarity On The U.S. Health Care Reform Issue [Video]

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Republican or Democrat, fan or foe I challenge you not listen with rapt attention as Keith dissects the issue of health care reform in his trademark lucidity. Rather than rail on the “lunatic fringe,” Keith reserves his venom for the true villains in […]