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Stoyan’s Performance Advent Calendar And Me

Stoyan Stefanov decided to release a post a day during the advent season in an effort to bolster our budding performance community. He was kind enough to let me participate, viagra 100mg not once but twice! My first contribution was called, JavaScript Loading Strategies and my second, which is out today is called, Extreme Performance […]


I feel like someone gave me the keys to the NASA shuttle hangar and I’m trying to figure out how to get into the darn shuttle in order to replace an arm rest. To say nothing of the custom NASA screwdriver I’ll have to use to do the job… and I don’t even know where […]

Intentional Causality

I just watched another one of those “Biblical mysteries explained” documentaries where they explained how the cities of Sodom and Gommorah were actually destroyed as the result of an asteroid hitting Europe and the subsequent fallout. The science was interesting, resuscitator and the show seemed to take an almost apologetic approach toward the faithful as […]