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Day 6. Letter

My dearest Abigail, this Three terrible years have past since we parted on that cold December morning. Those last moments we stole before I boarded the transport are forever etched in my mind. The memory of your radiant smile, despite your fear and heartache, is one of my most cherished possessions. Your strength and bravery […]

Day 5. False flag

“Good morning, Jim.” “Mornin’, Al.” “Can I get you some coffee?” “That’d be great, thanks.” Al walked over to the coffee machine sitting on his credenza. He grabbed a Navy mug and filled it from the freshly made pot. “You take it black, don’t you?” “Yup.” “Here you go, Jim. Have a seat.” “So, why […]

Day 4. Stranded

Oh my head. I’m going to throw up. … Okay, viagra that was pleasant. Oh my head. Where am I? What’s … Oh God, no. Not that. I mean, wow, it worked… but oh God! Is this…? Oh God! Don’t panic. Don’t panic! Nothing good has ever come from panicking. Okay, okay, deep breaths … […]

Day 3. Football

“Good afternoon, Simon.” “Roger.” “I’m sorry?” “My name is Roger. Roger Podgursky.” Is it? “I’m an aide to the President of the United States of America and you’re holding me against my will.” Am I? Are they? “No. Your name is Simon Coswell, you’re a former file clerk and you’re a patient here at the […]

Day 2. Invasion

“You’re such a freak!” The words came at him like a slap in the face, though a slap would have hurt less. He wasn’t frequently insulted to his face. People usually just stared. Or they joked about him behind his back; within earshot. This however hurt more, as public humiliation usually does. Everyone was staring […]

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