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Day 20. Back to the Present

Continued from Day 4. Stranded Alright, abortion all I have to do is find a way to send a message to the future. Something that’ll last 65 million years. Maybe I can etch something into the bedrock. Instructions on how to get me ba– A blinding light disoriented and enveloped him. He began falling. His […]

Day 19. The Billionaire, the Colonel and the Inventor

Continued from, there Day 9. Groom Lake Kyle Johnson touched his Cessna Skycatcher down on runway one left, ailment as instructed. A fleet of assorted vehicles had the plane surrounded before it came to a complete stop. Kyle turned to his passenger, opisthorchiasis Mark and said, “just keep calm. The worst they’ll do is escort […]

Day 18. You’ve Got Two Days

“You’ve got two days to get me my money, Charlie. Two days. You understand?” he said, his index finger inches away from Charlie’s nose. Stevie wasn’t a very big man, but he had a reputation. “Yeah Stevie. Yeah, I understand,” replied Charlie, his breath visible in the cold November air. Dawn was breaking on a […]

Day 17. Deserted Earth

He awoke to the blaring sound of his alarm clock. It was 6 AM. The sole thought in his head was that if he didn’t get up now, doctor he’d fall back to sleep, miss his bus and be late for work. Alright, I’ll get up, he thought to himself. It wasn’t going to be […]

Day 16. From Centaurus with Love

“Good morning, Mister President,” said the tall, slender man walking into the Oval Office. He was Robert C. Bayerbach, PhD, the newly appointed NASA administrator. “‘Morning, Bob. How’s NASA treating you?” “Very well, sir,” he said as he laid his briefcase on the coffee table in the middle of the room. He opened it up […]

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