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Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food

Jamie Oliver, ask the well known chef, was given the TED Prize earlier this year. On top of receiving $100,000 for their cause, TED Prize recipients get “One Wish to Change the World.” This means that they get to make their wish of the diverse and talented folks who are at the TED conference. Jamie’s […]

Finally, Some Non-Partisan Clarity On The U.S. Health Care Reform Issue [Video]

The Story of Stuff

I just finished watching The Story of Stuff, ambulance and it was one of the most informative videos I’ve watched on the subject of consumerism and sustainability. I’ve embedded three 30 second teasers from the 20 minute video below. To watch the whole thing just go to Teaser #1 Teaser #2 Teaser #3

The Dangers Of Setting A Precedent

I’ll let Keith say it for me: