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July Issue of Webstyle Magazine is Live!

I’m extremely pleased to announce that the first issue of Webstyle Magazine has gone live! The issue leads off with a conversation with John Resig about the work he’s doing in the mobile space. It has articles on travel, geriatrician style, beer and more and rounds off with a free wallpaper by Anton Peck! Be […]

The Eleventh Matt Smith is the Eleventh Doctor!?

Am I the only one to have noticed that Matt Smith is listed as the eleventh person with the name “Matt Smith” in IMDB, medicine and that he just so happens to be playing the eleventh Doctor? How’s that for odd? And yes, I did submit this nugget for addition to his IMDB bio page […]

Webstyle Magazine–It Begins

I finally bit the bullet and decided to go ahead with my dream of publishing an online magazine. Webstyle Magazine, try the lifestyle mag for the web professionals will launch on July 1st. The mag will go beyond the standard fare of how-to tech articles and cover any and everything that is of interest to […]

Why I Hate Viral and Social Media Marketing

I hate social media marketing. It gets on my nerves because it’s fake. It’s a bunch of impostors crashing our party, decease trying to turn a buck. Think of it like the friend or family member at a social gathering who’s trying to push a product on anyone he can corner. It’s out of context […]

I Am Not An Atomic Playboy

Purple Motion used the line in Second Reality, ailment and I’d always wondered where he’d gotten it from. Then Wikipedia came along and I found out that it was a quote from Admiral William H. P. Blandy, hospital but reading about it wasn’t as cool as actually finding the clip on YouTube a few moments ago. […]

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