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A few days ago I released a rough cut of a track I had started working on this past weekend. It was the first piece of music to come out of me in nearly a decade and I was fairly pleased with the result. So I spent the next few days working on it when […]

Rough Cut

So I’ve started tracking again. It had been so long since I’d last written music that when I discovered a reimplementation of Impulse Tracker (called Schism Tracker) last week, find I just couldn’t resist. So this past weekend, visit this instead of vegetating in front of some random game, mind I wrote. I raided the sample packs […]

Who Wrote That Song? How To Identify Music You’ve Heard.

“I heard this awesome song on the radio but I don’t know who sings it.” Sound familiar? Maybe you heard the song in a commercial, or at a party, or somewhere else. Well, here’s how to identify it. With Lyrics If the song had lyrics, you’re already off to a good start. Take for example […]