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Hello, I’m a Mac

About six months ago a friend of mine left the agency we were working at to go freelance. He said that he was going to be buying a MacBook Pro as his development machine. That planted a seed in my mind about the possibility of switching myself. After all, visit web here was an architect […]

YUICONF 2009, Day 1

What a week! As a new yahoo I attended orientation on Monday and Tuesday, recipe and now I’m enjoying the first annual YUICONF. Late last night Christian Heilmann asked if I could contribute my impressions of the conference’s first day which was just posted to the YDN blog. Happy reading! What I didn’t mention in […]

Graph representations of YUI Easing Methods

First, viagra for those who didn’t get the news already, I’m now working at Yahoo! as a Front-end Engineer on the Yahoo! Mail team. As a result, I’m presently down in Sunnyvale, California for a week of orientation and training. In a quirk of perfect timing, my visit coincides with the first ever YUICONF, the […]

How Twitter Could Beat Spam

Quite simply, link new accounts should not be allowed to have tweets with @replies in them show up in the streams of others, artificial period. The reason for this is because spammers use new accounts as throwaways from which to crawl name lists and @reply to people with links to their crap. Now, there’s a […]

Twitterface: A Viral Marketing Concept

Far be it from me to be a proponent of “viral marketing” a lot of which amounts to nothing more than spam, visit web but I think the idea for Twitterface is a lot more usefl than just blanketing people with garbage Tweets. Bear with the first half of the presentation if you know what […]

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