Day 4. Stranded

Oh my head. I’m going to throw up.

Okay, viagra that was pleasant. Oh my head. Where am I? What’s … Oh God, no. Not that.

I mean, wow, it worked… but oh God! Is this…?

Oh God!

Don’t panic. Don’t panic! Nothing good has ever come from panicking. Okay, okay, deep breaths … in … out … in … out … in … oh God, oh God! I’m so screwed.

No, stop… think this through. Think!

Okay, assets, what do I have? Nothing! I have nothing! Oh God.

No! Wait… think. Okay, I have knowledge. I know what no one else does. I figured my way into this, I can figure my way out. I can rebuild. I need to rebuild.

Rebuild? Are you serious? How the hell do you expect to rebuild!? With what?

No, no, there’s always a way. Smith did it on Lincoln island. It’s possible. It’ll take time and effort but it’s possible.

Are you insane? That was fiction!

No. Wait! That guy… what was his name? In that video. He did it. He built a telegraph from scratch. Sure, it took him forever, but it is possible.

But this isn’t a simple telegraph. Who are you kidding? It’ll take you forever, even if it was possible.

Well, it’s not like I’ve got anything else to do. I’ll just spend my time working on getting out.

No, wait… you idiot. Survival. You need food, shelter…


Wonderful. First person to discover time travel and I get stuck in the mesozoic.

Wait… What was that sound?

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