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Day 24. Grave and Imminent Danger

Continued from Day 22. The Renaxi Are Coming “He is, cheap but why can’t you approach him yourselves?” “We tried. He didn’t believe us.” “So you need me to convince him.” “Yes.” “Alright.” “OK, cough hold my hand, we’ll go now,” he said, extending his hand. “Wait. You can’t just appear in the Oval Office. […]

Day 23. Cutting Loose

Continued from Day 20. Back to the Present He’d been working for a month straight and when he worked, esophagitis he worked. He’d sleep just enough to keep his body from involuntarily shutting down. Otherwise, ed his mind was entirely dedicated to the task. And anyway, no rx on a military base you were either […]

Day 22. The Renaxi Are Coming

Continued from Day 10. Visitor “Will you come with me? There’s something I need you to see, this ” he said, extending his hand. “Where?” “My world.” This was going too fast. She’d only just met him a few moments ago. A real-life alien! Now he was asking her to go to his home world […]

Day 21. On Vespucci’s Trail

Continued from Day 12. Career Change It was two hour past midnight. The cavernous restaurant was dimly lit and only hosting one patron at the moment. He sat alone at his table slowly working through a medium rare Wagyu ribeye. When the chef had heard that his friend had a three hour layover in LaGuardia, infection […]

Day 20. Back to the Present

Continued from Day 4. Stranded Alright, abortion all I have to do is find a way to send a message to the future. Something that’ll last 65 million years. Maybe I can etch something into the bedrock. Instructions on how to get me ba– A blinding light disoriented and enveloped him. He began falling. His […]

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