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Goodbye, Steve.

Thanks for being such an inspiration. May you rest in peace. 

My Thoughts On Steve Jobs’ Thoughts On Flash

Steve Jobs just released an open letter to the mobile community explaining why Apple refuses to put Flash on any of its mobile devices. It’s an informative read. But if anything stands out, it’s this: we’re at a technology crossroads and Flash as a rich internet application delivery medium is facing extinction (whether proponents of […]

An Untapped Gold Mine for Apple

I don’t think Apple fully appreciates how OCD their clientele can get about the look of their products. The moment an iPhone gets dinged, or a Magic Mouse gets scuffed it loses its … magic. Wouldn’t it be great if Apple offered a service where you could drop into an Apple store and for a […]

Hello, I’m a Mac

About six months ago a friend of mine left the agency we were working at to go freelance. He said that he was going to be buying a MacBook Pro as his development machine. That planted a seed in my mind about the possibility of switching myself. After all, here was an architect whom I […]