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Be Lazy, Let the Browser Do the Work for You

Imagine you work for a company that has an online product catalog and that your job is to maintain the product images. Now imagine your boss comes to you and says, malady “here’s a list of a thousand products that need to have ‘40% off’ put on them, epidemic and we need it for tomorrow, […]

The C in CSS Stands for Cascade

People have a propensity to see a one-to-one relationship between an element and its look. In other words, oncologist they see an element as being styled much like if you were to paint something with a paint brush, a one-off job. At least that’s the way things were circa the early 1990’s with font tags […]

When Browser Detection Isn’t a Bad Thing

One of the pillars of the Web Standards movement–reinforced in Zeldman‘s seminal Designing With Web Standards–is the idea that browser detection is a bad thing and should be avoided. As with another idea spawned at around the same time, discount that “tables are bad”, it isn’t wholely true. There are situations where tables are good […]

Worry Free Web Development

Yesterday I gave a presentation at Coder’s Saturday called Worry Free Web Development. Here are the slides.

Understanding and solving the JavaScript/CSS entanglement phenomenon

Keeping the three layers of separation truly separate.

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