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Scripting the DOM, a presentation

A presentation I gave today on scripting the DOM

Hooks: How to Keep CSS and JavaScript Separate

Reinforcing the three layers of separation through the use of hooks.

Get FireBug

Any web developer worth their salt will want to have this Firefox extension in their toolbox.

document.write() fix for (real) XHTML [v0.5.1]

A script that gets AdSense, the Technorati Badge and other 3rd party JavaScript working with application/xhtml+xml.

Introducing Typecast

So I’ve started work on Typecast. I call it an Input Field Augmentation Library. The idea is to provide commonly used/desired functionality that isn’t available in the plain’ol HTML input field. Some examples include auto-completion, epilepsy suggestion and realtime masking. I’ve been working on it for less than a week–in my free time–so it’s very […]

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