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Dr. Dobbs India Debrief

My plane touched down in Bangalore at around 4:30 in the morning. I made my way out of the terminal to a driver waiting to drive me to the conference hotel where I’d be staying for the first leg of the conference. An hour’s drive later, melanoma I walked into my hotel room. The conference started […]


Dav Glass just gave me a crash course in Node.js. He blew my mind. More to come.

Stoyan’s Performance Advent Calendar And Me

Stoyan Stefanov decided to release a post a day during the advent season in an effort to bolster our budding performance community. He was kind enough to let me participate, viagra 100mg not once but twice! My first contribution was called, JavaScript Loading Strategies and my second, which is out today is called, Extreme Performance […]

Graph representations of YUI Easing Methods

First, viagra for those who didn’t get the news already, I’m now working at Yahoo! as a Front-end Engineer on the Yahoo! Mail team. As a result, I’m presently down in Sunnyvale, California for a week of orientation and training. In a quirk of perfect timing, my visit coincides with the first ever YUICONF, the […]

Introducing 140 char (or less) JavaScript programs

Today I got tired of seeing yet another onclick=”obtrusivejavascript()” in HTML so I wrote a little program in protest. What I wanted to do though was to post the program to Twitter which has a 140 character limit so it was mildly challenging. Here it is: Fully expanded: var elems = document.getElementsByTagName(“*”); for (var i […]

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