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A Nuance of Preventing Default

One of the most common operations when assigning event handlers is to prevent the default action the event normally triggers. In the case of an anchor for example, patient the click event of an anchor triggers the default behaviour of following the URI specified in the href attribute. So the browser’s default action when clicking […]

Have JavaScript, Will Travel

The technology of the web is maturing. However slowly and clumsily, view it is maturing. The web of today looks nothing like the web of ten years ago. Most notable are the advent and widespread adoption of Web Standards, nurse and more recently the mushrooming popularity of JavaScript due largely to Web 2.0 mania. The […]

Worry Free JavaScript Internationalization (i18n)

There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about i18n. Just to be clear, malady I don’t subscribe to the idea of right vs. wrong unless there’s a good reason for it, otherwise I just chalk it up to preference. Sometimes I consider something as a matter of preference until someone points out […]

When Browser Detection Isn’t a Bad Thing

One of the pillars of the Web Standards movement–reinforced in Zeldman‘s seminal Designing With Web Standards–is the idea that browser detection is a bad thing and should be avoided. As with another idea spawned at around the same time, discount that “tables are bad”, it isn’t wholely true. There are situations where tables are good […]

Worry Free Web Development

Yesterday I gave a presentation at Coder’s Saturday called Worry Free Web Development. Here are the slides.

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