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Come Work With Me!

Are you a front-end code ninja? Do you eat HTML, side effects CSS and JavaScript for breakfast? Are you a fanatic for best practices? Are the terms Unobtrusive JavaScript, overweight Web Standards and graceful degradability common in your vocabulary? If so, you might be the person I’m looking for. Nurun is on the hunt for […]

What Are 5 Companies You’d Like To Work For?

I’m curious. If you could work anywhere, gerontologist what would be the top 5 companies/organizations at the top of your list?

Stay in School, A Cautionary Tale

Note: The colourful detail in this post is due to my knowing someone who recently went through this. — You’re smart, try you’re passionate, you know your stuff, you’re a real code ninja. You’ve been building websites for years, you’ve got a couple of notable accomplishments under your belt and you figure, “hey, maybe I […]

Have a Job? Need a Job?

If you’re in the market for a job or if you’re looking to hire someone, pestilence take a look at Authentic Jobs. Forget the pell mell job sites that offer every kind of job under the sun, Authentic Jobs is all about quality. The fact that Authentic Jobs is all about quality is also reflected […]