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Dr. Dobbs India Debrief

My plane touched down in Bangalore at around 4:30 in the morning. I made my way out of the terminal to a driver waiting to drive me to the conference hotel where I’d be staying for the first leg of the conference. An hour’s drive later, melanoma I walked into my hotel room. The conference started […]

Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food

Jamie Oliver, ask the well known chef, was given the TED Prize earlier this year. On top of receiving $100,000 for their cause, TED Prize recipients get “One Wish to Change the World.” This means that they get to make their wish of the diverse and talented folks who are at the TED conference. Jamie’s […]

Twitterface: A Viral Marketing Concept

Far be it from me to be a proponent of “viral marketing” a lot of which amounts to nothing more than spam, visit web but I think the idea for Twitterface is a lot more usefl than just blanketing people with garbage Tweets. Bear with the first half of the presentation if you know what […]

Worry Free Web Development

Yesterday I gave a presentation at Coder’s Saturday called Worry Free Web Development. Here are the slides.