/ Day 1. Ashes

The sun will rise again. That’s what they used to say. The sun will rise again. After all, it always did. It would break over the eastern horizon to herald the beginning of a new day. It would consistently bring warmth and light. It powered industry, technology, humanity. It was a source of life.

Alas, no more.

“Just as well,” he said under his breath. Better that the blackened remains of earth remain shrouded in darkness forever than be paraded across the cosmos for all to see. A tragedy too terrible to recount, it would be whispered in back rooms and dark corners. The legend of earth would serve as a warning for those unfortunate enough to hear it.

He stood in silence out of respect. The alert chimed but none dared speak a word to him. Another moment and he gave the signal to depart, slowly. They wouldn’t be returning. Not for a very long time.


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