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Google Reader LogoRecently I started pruning my RSS feeds. I was getting really discouraged by the deluge of stuff that I’d told myself I should be reading. Then I realized of course that I couldn’t possibly keep up with it all. So I chose the ones I read regularly, the ones that kept me the most informed and started cutting the rest. Or at least I tried to. Google Reader was throwing an error in Firefox that kept me from deleting feeds. It worked fine in IE though, so I went there and did some of the pruning. I also tried sending Google a report on the error so that they could fix it. Never heard back from them. So in the hopes that maybe someone from Google is scanning the blogosphere for articles on Google Reader, here’s an exact copy of my report:


I’d like to report a bug in the Subscription Management page. I get the following JavaScript error when clicking the trash can next to a feed:

e has no properties
Zc(["feed/http://xml.newsisfree.com//feeds/43/243.xml" ], Object)889806413-lens.js (line 180)
Xg( mouseup clientX=25, clientY=324)                             889806413-lens.js (line 172)
d--}}};w[_P].Zc=function(a,b){var c=Vc(a,"subs-label");for(var d=0,e;e=c[d];d++)...

I realize that the code’s obfuscated so the stack trace probably doesn’t tell you much, but I’m sure it’ll give you an idea as to the source of the problem. Here’s some browser/OS info on which I found the bug:

Browser: Firefox
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional (2002) SP2
JavaScript Console: Firebug Firefox Extension

Checking a box next to a feed and then clicking the “Unsubscribe” form button at the top of the page yields the exact same error (minus the stack trace).

I’ve also tried the same functionality with IE6 and it works fine. I hope you can find a solution (or tell me if I’m doing something wrong) so that I can resume using your service as soon as possible!

Thanks again for a great product!


Has anyone else had this problem?


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