/ A review of .net magazine’s new podcast

Literally days after the second generation iPod nano came out I ordered one and ever since then I’ve become obsessed with hunting down good quality podcasts. It’s a way that helps me to keep on top of what’s current in the industry, and because I’m a strong believer in continually learning new things. Just last night I posted about the treasure trove of podcasts that are freely available from major web conferences–such as Web Directions North ’07 [podcasts still not available as of this writing–too new!]. Today I want to tell you about .net magazine’s new podcast (no relation to Microsoft’s .net).

Host Paul Boag (of Boagworld fame) leads a different panel of leading web industry people every week in a format closely reminiscent to Leo Laporte‘s TWiT. The similarity in format is a strong point–at least for me–because you get to hear the likes of Jeremy Keith and Christian Heilmann sounding off on current topics of interest in a laid back, relatively open ended format. To date, the insightful commentary has made it an absolute joy to listen to, and the hour just flies by.

The one thing that sets this podcast apart from a few others that I’m pained to listen to is its good sound quality–almost. The past couple of shows have experienced a couple of panelists suffering from bad Skype (?) connections which I wish were somehow addressed in post-production. Also, and I know I’m nitpicking now, though Paul is a great host–really–I find Leo’s ability to segue much better. Though to his credit, Leo’s got years of radio experience behind him. That being said, the show is in no risk of being removed from iPod any time soon.

All in all, the .net magazine podcast is a great addition to any web builder’s podroll. I was spoiled, I listened to three weeks worth of shows back to back because I just discovered it a couple of days ago. I’ll have to wait a week for the next one now that I’m all caught up.

Keep up the great work guys, an essential resource to be sure!


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