/ A sad, sad day for Disney UK

In an age of progress where so many web developers are embracing standards (see: Eric Meyer’s Redesign Watch, the Web Standards Awards, and CSS Beauty) it’s a very sad day indeed when a company as large as Disney allows its DisneyStore.co.uk property to regress to the bad old days of the web.

Our friend Malarkey had done such a wonderful job of building a standards based site for the Disney Store UK which he now reports in: “Of mice and men” has gone the way of the dodo. Not to go down without a fight, WaSP‘s Group Lead Molly lambastes Disney in: “An Open Letter to Disney Store UK” for their colossal misstep. The reason she gives for writing an open letter is indicative of the rot that is non-standards design: I would write this to you directly via your site feedback page but it is throwing Access database errors. The email appears to be down as well. Okay, maybe standards don’t have much to do with the back-end of a site, but Access?!

Shame, shame, shame. I hope the folks in the Magic Kingdom wake up and smell the rot soon before they start losing money because of a really bad decision.


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