/ Akismet, how I love thee

Back in December of ’05 Molly wrote Best. Spam. Ever. at which time I was lucky enough not to have the problem of comment spam. Fast forward to about a month ago and suddenly my post Proper URI design started to gain the attention not of fellow web-heads, but of spammer-freaks. Who knows, it could have been my immensely popular post on Coming soon to a theatre near you (I confess, I dugg my own post) that opened me up to the non-web-head crowd. Either way, the comment spam began to flow.

About a week of moderating later it started to get annoying. That’s when I decided to give Akismet a try. O’ the spam free bliss. Since I activated it, Akismet’s caught 112 of the annoying bits of comment excrement. I don’t even notice it until I log into WordPress and see the little number in the Akismet tab telling me that there’s junk waiting to be deleted.

Screenshot of Akismet at work

Out of the 112 it’s caught so far, only 1 has slipped through the net. I’d say that’s a pretty good margin of error wouldn’t you? Captchas shmaptchas, I’m sold on Akismet and if you suffer from comment spam, I suggest you take a look at it too.


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