/ Day 4. Stranded

Oh my head. I’m going to throw up.

Okay, that was pleasant. Oh my head. **Where am I? **What’s … **Oh God, no. Not that.

I mean, wow, it worked… but oh God! **Is this…?

Oh God!

*Don’t panic. Don’t panic! Nothing good has ever come from panicking. Okay, okay, deep breaths … in … out … in … out … in … oh God, oh God! I’m so screwed. *

No, stop… think this through. Think!

Okay, assets, what do I have? Nothing! I have nothing! Oh God.

No! Wait… think. Okay, I have knowledge. I know what no one else does. I figured my way into this, I can figure my way out. **I can rebuild. I need to rebuild.

Rebuild? Are you serious? How the hell do you expect to rebuild!? With what?

*No, no, there’s always a way. Smith did it on Lincoln island. It’s possible. It’ll take time and effort but it’s possible. *

Are you insane? That was fiction!

No. Wait! That guy… what was his name? In that video. He did it. He built a telegraph from scratch. Sure, it took him forever, but it *is possible. *

But this isn’t a simple telegraph. Who are you kidding? It’ll take you forever, even if it *was possible.*

Well, it’s not like I’ve got anything *else to do. I’ll just spend my time working on getting out.*

*No, wait… you idiot. Survival. You need food, shelter… *


Wonderful. First person to discover time travel and I get stuck in the mesozoic.

**Wait… What was that sound?

Continued in Day 20. Back to the Present


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