/ The Deflashifier: A fresh technique for handling alternate flash content

This little tidbit of code comes to us via the Schmu:

you simply put [your] flash and your alternate content in comments (no escaping needed) [then] you call this generic function, provide it the result of the flash detection and the id of the divs to toggle

its minimal… and it works well

I havent tested it on many browsers yet…

the Schmu

function SwitchFlashContent(FlashEnabled, FlashEnabled, FlashDisabled) {
	var FlashContent;
	if (flash7_installed) {
		FlashContent = document.getElementById(FlashEnabled);
	} else {
		FlashContent = document.getElementById(FlashDisabled);
	strFlashContent = FlashContent.firstChild.text+"";
	strFlashContent = strFlashContent.replace(';<!--';,';';);
	strFlashContent = strFlashContent.replace(';-->';,';';);
	FlashContent.innerHTML = strFlashContent;


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