/ Finally, Some Non-Partisan Clarity On The U.S. Health Care Reform Issue [Video]

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Republican or Democrat, fan or foe I challenge you not listen with rapt attention as Keith dissects the issue of health care reform in his trademark lucidity. Rather than rail on the “lunatic fringe,” Keith reserves his venom for the true villains in this story, the insurance companies. Not only is his logic impeccable, his monologue carries the added weight of personal experience. Keith recently buried his mother and his father just navigated the U.S. health care system. Yet rather than the ranting voice of the unfortunate seeking justice, his is the perspective of someone who is more than able to pay for health care and yet is appalled at how incredibly broken the system is. Keith challenges his listeners to action. He lays out with pristine clarity why and how the system is broken and then calls his fellow Americans to act. If you’re American, alive and a human being, you need to listen to what he has to say.

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