/ Freebase is teasing me

Freebase, the open, shared database of the world’s knowledge is currently not open or shared because it’s in private alpha. Which is fine. Except that when I submitted my email address a few days ago for an invite, I wasn’t expecting to get an email today just to “shoot the breeze.”

When I saw that email in my inbox with the subject, “Thank you for your interest in Freebase.com,” I thought to myself, “cool, an invite.” My excitement turned to puzzlement when I read and read trying to find the invite link or code, or login and just found this:

We received your email registration. We’re excited and overwhelmed by the enthusiasm.

You may be wondering if “Information Wants to be Free” why is our Alpha test currently limited? For the time being, we’re open to a small set of users to get critical feedback. We’ll use that feedback to make it all a little less ‘alpha’. At that point, we’ll open up registration to a wider group.

For more on this and other common questions, see our FAQ:

Also, check out our blog as further details are revealed publicly:

Was this the confirmation email that I was supposed to get when I submitted my address and it was just backlogged for two days? Who knows. Hopefully Freebase will be public soon and none of this will matter.


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