/ Go Ahead, Build it in Flash

Roger Johansson recently wrote about “Full Flash websites and SEO” pointing to the “Flash Website Flowchart” as a tongue in cheek reason for why you shouldn’t do it. I say, go ahead! Build it in Flash! Be my guest! Why bother wasting your energy trying to point out the obvious drawbacks when your client will come back to you shortly after launch and say something like “uhmm… so how do I get on Google?” anyway? I mean really, for the most part, buidling an entire site in Flash is like throwing a huge animated GIF online as your website, or maybe a PDF (since I’ve heard that Google can now read the contents of SWFs). But seriously, Flash builders will argue till they’re blue in the face about how you should build a whole site in Flash. My philosophy is “everything in moderation”. I believe Flash has it’s place, just like JavaScript has it’s place, and PDFs have theirs. But if you go full bore Flash, well, be ready to deal with the issues that come up, like “why can’t I find my site on Google?”

Just my 2 cents.


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