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Re-Update: All is well in Analytics-ville. She’s working, but I’m still getting the twelve hours message. Weird.


Update: Well, the day after I wrote this, things picked up and the services’ speed was very snappy. But, it says Your first reports will be ready within twelve hours and it’s been over 24 hours (going on 36 as of this reading) and I’m wondering if there’s something wrong because I’ve got no data yet. Is anyone else having this problem?


A friend of mine pointed me to Google Analytics this morning. It seems Google bought Urchin Web Analytics and re-branded it. So far, my excitement’s been met with a brick wall in the form of “maintenance.” Almost every time I tried to log in, I encountered a long delay and eventually this message:

Google Analytics reporting is currently undergoing maintenance and will be available shortly. Your site traffic is being logged and you will be able to see the data after system maintenance has concluded.

I did manage to get in once and complete the registration process. Now I just hope I’ll be able to get in to see my web stats!


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