/ History in the Making

Well, it’s ten minutes into November 4th and people have already begun voting (and Obama has already won Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, 15 to 6). There’s a part of me that really feels like history is being made today, that America is going to vote in its first African-American President, that the tide of the past eight abysmal years is finally going to change, that the U.S. is, dare I say it, on the cusp of a golden age. OK, well that last one might be a bit far fetched, but there’s no denying the palpable hope with which Barack Obama has inspired people with.

If Barack wins today, I’ll be a very happy Canadian. If McCain steals somehow manages to pull of a monumental upset, the U.S. will be dead to me (at least for the next four years). It might sound extreme, but I know of no other way to avoid falling into a deep depression at the thought of four more years of the GOP at the helm. To say nothing of the potential that Sarah Palin will be a heartbeat from the Oval Office. *shudder*

To every American of legal voting age, if you haven’t already done so, go vote! Even if you’re not voting Obama–though I really hope you will. For one thing, you’re among the privileged few in this world who has the right to vote for who leads them. For another, it’s the most historic election you’re likely to witness in your lifetime. Be a part of it, exercise your right and cast your vote.


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