/ I’m still breathing (and links)

Wow it’s been a long time since I last posted anything. I’m still breathing, just been a little busy lately. I hope to be posting regularly soon. I’m also wondering if this site couldn’t use an overhaul. Who knows, we’ll see. In the meanwhile,

Things that rock:

Steve Irwin
Rest in peace mate.
WAMP Server
Install PHP 5, Apache 2 and MySQL 5 on your WinXP (Home!) box
Stop comment spam and trackback spam.
Some of the best conceived front-end code I’ve come across in a long time.
Indespensable tool for any serious front-end developer/designer
Sweet original music for Noah Kalina’s “everyday“.
Dream Projections JavaScript syntax highlighter
Best syntax highlighter I’ve seen thus far.
Document your code! Use JSDoc to do it.
Mac vs. PC (Gaming)

Eternal life

Things that suck:

The clicking in my throat
Who knows what the heck it is, dislocated trachea? All I know is, it clicks and it’s a royal pain in the neck. (sigh, I couldn’t help it.) Doctor says it’s bone rubbing on bone. That doesn’t seem too normal to me. *shrug*
YouTube tech support.
I don’t know what the heck’s going on over there. I asked them a simple question and in return I received the same copy/paste response of their FAQ page without a shred of personalization or even a signature. I received the same exact response regardless of what I said or asked. Either they don’t have any tech support and there’s just a batch script that tries to send you relevant information on your question, or there are some pretty incompetent tech support folks at YouTube.

Mortality Difficult decision making Not using a spell or grammar checker


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