/ Introducing 140 char (or less) JavaScript programs

Today I got tired of seeing yet another onclick="obtrusivejavascript()" in HTML so I wrote a little program in protest. What I wanted to do though was to post the program to Twitter which has a 140 character limit so it was mildly challenging. Here it is:

Fully expanded:

var elems = document.getElementsByTagName("*");
for (var i = 0; elems[i]; i += 1) {
    if (elems[i].getAttribute("onclick")) {
        elems[i].onclick = function () {

Compressed for Twitter:

var x=document.getElementsByTagName("*");for (var i=0;x[i];i++){if (x[i].getAttribute("onclick")){x[i].onclick=function(){alert("FAIL!");}}}

I invite you to continue the trend. Write 140 character (or less) JavaScript programs and post them to Twitter then post a link here in the comments. If the trend grows, I’ll build a small site to host the activity.

I’ll go first!


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