/ Justice is… dumb

Statue of Lady JusticeI always thought that the most asinine legal battles were fought in patent court. I was wrong. I came across this gem while browsing the pages of MSNBC’s site: “A wound may be key to attempted murder case“. It’s about a guy who admitted involvement in a robbery, who has a bullet lodged in his forehead–“allegedly” as a result of being shot by his victim when trying to kill him–but is fighting to have it removed on the grounds that his civil liberties would be violated. A judge has already granted a search warrant so that the bullet can be taken out (and presumably tested to prove that he was in fact the one trying to kill the robbery victim). But he’s fighting it. Everyone involved–namely the doctors–agrees that the procedure isn’t life threatening.

I’m all for the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. But I draw the line at preventing the collection of evidence. Especially if the evidence you’re obstructing could potentially exonorate you–unless of course you’re hiding something. I can’t believe this sort of chicanery is tolerated in the American legal system.


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