/ LogoMaid rips off Couche-Tard

It started out with the theft of Dan’s logo. Then I found out that Nathan’s was ripped too. So I thought I’d go looking for myself and sure enough, on the first page of “unique logos” I found a ripoff of the Couche-Tard logo.

I guess nobody really picked up on that one because Couche-Tard is a local brand, but it jumped out at me when I saw it. I then posted it on Flickr, which seems to have spooked the LogoMaid folks because it’s been since taken down. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a screen capture of the entire page but its uid is 4663, and even though it isn’t available, 4662 and 4664 are. Hence, it was taken down.

In my opinion, LogoMaid has lost face with the design community, big time–and if not quite yet, they will when word keeps spreading. I suggest that if they want to save face and rebuild trust with the community that they post a “report this logo” button on their pages. Or, they could just keep trying the futile game of defending the undefendable. I guess it’s up to them.

You can read more on Godbit, Sonspring, and Flickr.


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