/ Memorial Day

Posted originally as a comment on SonSpring.

Tomb of the Unknown SoldierWar is such a terrible thing, and yet we constantly find ourselves thrust into it by the actions and decisions of a select few. These people believe themselves justified to drag entire nations into battle, indiscriminately destroying not only the lives of those on the battlefield but the countless marriages, families and other relationships of those back home. I wonder if countries would go to war so quickly if the “king” were to still lead his men in battle instead of hiding in a bunker somewhere.

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones to war as well as those innocents who are caught in the middle of the fighting—very often in their own backyards. God only knows the suffering people in countries like Iraq have to go through. I have a very hard time reconciling any suffering, especially when it’s for one’s ethnicity or for being born in a country that is inconveniently located. We are so blessed to live in countries that are so far removed from the fighting. But I guess that didn’t make much of a difference for some 60 years ago. :-(


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