/ Moving in: the anatomy of a WordPress design (Part 1)


I’ve just moved over to a new blogging package and I desperately need to work on a unique design.


I can’t take my time doing it because it looks bad, but I don’t have all that much free time to do it in.


Live redesign!

That’s right. Rather than leave this wonderful out-of-the-box template as is for weeks on end while I toil away behind the scenes on a new design, I’ll be taking you along for the ride. One painfully excruciating step at a time. You’ll be privy to all of my mis-steps and colossal design faux pas while I figure out just what I can do in WordPress. And I’ll be counting on you to help me along with your comments, so spread the word. The more feedback, the better the site. Right?

A lot of what I’ve done to date has been centered on function rather than form. After all, a functional blog, with great content will draw tons and tons and tons of readers. Right? *Sigh*

So here’s what I’ve done so far: I’ve routed my feeds through Feedburner, I’ve claimed the blog on Technorati, I’ve added Talkr podcasting to the posts (see post footers), I’ve gotten rid of the “www” prefix from my address (thanks for the heads up Mathias), I’ve installed a few WordPress plugins that’ll make my life easier such as: IImage Browser, the Huddled Masses Acronym Replacer and the Coldforged Spelling Checker and I’ve imported a few of my posts from passable and the simple web.

So as you can see, I’ve been busy. What I’d like to do next is work on a logo and a color scheme. Then a layout. I’m thinking of a wide three column design. And of course, all the while focusing on content, content, content!


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