/ Of headphones, hypocrisy and hygiene

Centrios Noise Reduction EarbudsI recently purchased an iPod. It came with those standard white Apple earbuds–why they only come in white while the iPods themselves come in an array of colours is beyond me. I quickly found that my ear canals are either freakishly misshapen, or that the earbuds are badly designed because they kept slipping out of my ears. So I came to the conclusion that I’d need to get either in-ear earphones, or ones that hook onto the outside of my ear.

I walked into The Source (by Circuit City) today looking for a decent pair of earphones. As I was explaining to the sales guy what the nature of my problem was, I started pulling the Apple earphones out of my pocket to show them to him at which point he proceeded to grab them from my hand and put one in his ear! This of course was after I was already told by another sales guy of their “earphone sales are final due to hygenic reasons” policy–which this guy repeated to me himself after selling me a pair!

I was disgusted. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He may as well have been peeing on my leg. I was shocked. Anyway, I settled on these. I should have smacked the guy and walked out of the store, but I’m an impatient shopaholic type.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?


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